House Management Services


• Pay bills such as water, electric, TELMEX telephones, gas, and cable/satellite bills

• Pay employee salaries (documentation of weekly salary, vacations, and Christmas bonus as required by Mexican law) for maids, cooks, gardeners and others as needed

• Pay annual property tax

• Inspect property regularly, at least once or twice per week

• Communicate with staff to identify and correct problems

• Arrange for qualified contractors to provide maintenance services

• Assist with hiring house and garden staff as needed

• Provide access to recommended services such as drivers, tours, shopping trips, masseurs, chef, catering, hair stylist, etc.

• Purchase all supplies as needed for regular cleaning and maintenance.

• Provide monthly accounting statement showing deposits and expenditures, via email.

—- The monthly cost of House Management services ranges depending on the location and size of property and the level of service provided.

Services available at additional cost:

• Grocery shopping, flowers, decoration services

• Arrange for persons to have access to house to complete work, deliver items, etc

• Arrange contracts with qualified service people as needed for extensive work. Facilitate access, and check progress of work, including: plumbing, electricity, carpentry, painting, construction, locksmith, etc

• Supervision of remodeling and construction work. As an architect I facilitate projects of any size, expedite permits, arrange for workers, etc

• Assist with obtaining / renewing FM3.

Rental Program Services

Rental Program Services include all the Home Management services plus:

• Listing of rental on our website, with description and photos

• Responses to inquiries and provide necessary information and photos of the house

• Monthly accounting statement showing deposits and expenditures, via email

• Setup and inspection of home prior to and following every rental occupancy

• Meeting guests on arrival and welcoming them to the property, during business hours

• Assistance with other matters related to use of the home as needed.

—- The cost of the Rental Program is the Home Management Service fee plus 10% of rental income.


Our staff will respond quickly with solutions to emergencies. A cell phone number is always available for after hours emergencies.