Here’s what clients say about our services:

I have known and worked with Norma for ten years. She designed and built my house in San Miguel. She’s is an extremely talented architect and builder.

She has managed my house since its construction. She has every quality you would wish to see in a manager – honesty, reliability, creativity, and the ability to supervise employees.

I recommend Norma without qualification. Feel free to call me at +1 817 430 3897 for further references.

Bryan W. Aldridge, Attorney-at-Law

Trophy Club, TX

I can give Norma Gonzalez my highest recommendation. She is a graduate Architect so she has a full understanding of homes and their requirements. She has provided the highest level of service in every instance. She provided a housekeeper who is exceptional. Her contacts for maintenance services are all professional, responsive and fairly priced.

My Spanish is poor but she speaks English very well thus communication is no problem. She pays all the bills and her monthly financial statements are clear and professional.

I had an accident in my home at night Norma met me at the emergency room and since I was incapacitated she put the deposit on her credit card. She came by the hospital every day to check on me. After I went home she provided 2 wonderful trained ladies for 24 hour care, cooking, providing medicines, total care. Nothing went uncared for.

It’s obvious that Norma loves what she does, is proud of her work and cares for her clients.

She is, quite simply, the very best. I am proud to recommend her to you.

Jim Anthony

999/192-5912 Merida Cell; 828/221-0028 Merida, Mexico

I bought my San Miguel home, and through a friend learned about Norma – what a wonderful connection! Norma took charge right away, managing my home with paying all my bills, overseeing the care of my property, including housekeeping, gardening, setting up cable and internet, paying property taxes – anything needed Norma has taken care of. She takes care of my home as if it were hers. Norma is an accomplished professional in the field of architecture who decided several years ago in balancing career and family to start her own property management company – which adds even more to her credentials. What I have been most pleased with is that we work together as a team, and the trust I have in Norma is without question.

J. Prince

To anyone in need of a house manager you will find no one better than Norma Gonzalez. She has managed our house for the last three years and has done so professionally and honestly. We highly recommend Norma, she is a good person and an excellent manager.

Gene and Peggy Dodge

Malaga 17B, San Miguel de Allende

We have been clients of Norma for over two years. We initially met Norma while renting a house in San Miquel which she managed. We had a very unfortunate series of events at this house and Norma was an absolute Saint, transforming quite a horrid event into a manageable inconvenience. When we were considering buying a house in San Miquel we probably would not have done so without knowing that we had Norma to take care of both the house and to a large extent us as well. We now have two houses which Norma takes care of for us.

Norma is professional, conscientious and honest in every aspect. Her work ethic is unimpeachable.

We heartily recommend Norma to anyone needing a manager for their home in San Miquel, and have every confidence that she will make owning a dream.


Stephen Greenham & Lorne Tyczenski

604 737 8237

Norma is a gift. She is hardworking, completely trustworthy and can (and will) do anything I need. From bidding out contracts to overseeing work to paying bills to hiring household staff, Norma does it all. She is cheerful and unflappable. When guests in my house were unfortunately burgled, Norma helped them every step of the way with the very frustrating and confusing process of reporting the incident to the police. On a happier note, when other guests wanted to employ a cook, Norma found a lovely woman who filled the bill perfectly. As generous and kind as she is to me and my guests, she is hardnosed with those she hires for me, insisting on quality work at a fair price. Norma makes it possible for me to enjoy my home in San Miguel.

A. Hill

Norma is invaluable in the smooth operation of our home in San Miguel. Because we cannot be there full time, we rely on her to pay the utility bills, our taxes, and oversee maid service and gardening. When there have been problems, and those do happen (like electrical outages, plumbing flooding), she is available right away and has always been able to arrange repairs. Her good communication and smart solutions have been our lifeline in San Miguel. We love her!

M/M Henrikson

Norma has made owning a home in San Miguel a joy. She has exceeded my expectations in every way. I totally trust her and that really takes a load off my mind. Just one example – yesterday I noticed my local phone was dead. I emailed her at 4pm and it was working by 11pm.

“I especially appreciate Norma’s training as an architect; I feel confident my home is receiving the care and maintenance it needs. Working with Norma is a pleasure and worth every peso.

N. Diehl ~ Nashville, TN

We are very fortunate to have the services of Norma Gonzalez Torres as manager of our residence in Las Palmitas, San Miguel de Allende. Norma supervises our household staff, pays utility and tax bills, purchases supplies, and arranges for all necessary maintenance and repair work. She also provides wonderful hospitality and assistance to house guests when we are away. In all respects, Norma has been extraordinarily efficient and reliable, and she is delightful to work with. We highly recommend her to anyone who requires knowledgeable and intelligent residential management.

C. Sayre